New Billing System Online

Last week, WebBand updated their billing system. It took a bit longer than expected and we’re still working through some small issues. But generally speaking, the service is now being run from the new system. So what does that mean for you?

First, we got a ahead of ourselves and invoiced service before some credits were applied. That means you may find an invoice that you already paid. If that is the case, please drop us a note to with the details and we’ll take care of it. Please note that if you call, we’ll try to get back to you, but with the holidays, we a little short staffed so an email may be a quicker response.

Second, some billing details didn’t transfer (mainly credit card numbers). If you were on auto pay and don’t get a receipt as your bill comes due, please give us a call and we’ll verify that the information was transferred. You can review your account online – see details below.

Third, the system kicks out a different style of invoice/statement than the old one. I think you’ll find it a bit easier to read. We’ll get some instructions online soon.

You can access the new system online. A bit more information is available with the new systems compared to the old one. You’ll need your registration number and contact password (sames as before). Details on how to access it can be found on our website:

Thanks for your patience with us as we made this change. We appreciate your business.

WebBand Billing & Support

PS: We hope that everyone has recovered from the wind storm!!