High Speed DSL Services

WebBand DSL uses your analog phone line to bring ultra-fast Internet to your home or business. The service is always on (no more waiting for the squeaks and squawks to end) and never interrupts your phone service (which means you can talk and surf at the same time). It is the perfect way to get online at high speeds. Click to see if your home or business qualifies for DSL Services call us today at (509) 688-2550.

Advanced Virus-Free DSL
Experience high speed service that protects you from the evils of the Internet with a special technology called CleanIP™ . CleanIP will scan your line and keep you from accidentally downloading viruses. It’s the safest way to be online.

WebBand offers two speeds of DSL service.

  • 1.5Mbps is $45.95 for 12 months; $48.95 after
  • 3Mbps to 7Mbps is $52.95 for 12 months; $58.95 after

*Prices include both telco (Century Link) and ISP (WebBand) charges; Century Link promotion for first 12 months on new service additions only; prices subject to change; business class service may differ in price; restrictions apply. DSL modem required – see below.

A DSL modem is required for high speed Internet service. You can purchase it directly from Century Link at the time of purchase or visit a local computer/electronics store. A short call to our support department will be required to configure the modem as well.

Here’s the one we recommend from Best Buy.

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