Upgrades & Service

Over the next few days, WebBand will be doing some back end upgrades. We don’t anticipate any service disruptions, but there are some unknowns.

Right now we plan to do the upgrades on Monday 11/02/2015 during business hours.

DSL Customers
If you have a DSL service from us, you may have to reboot your modem. If you find that your service is out, please do the following:

  1. Look at your DSL Modem. Is the Internet light off, red or blinking (flickering is fine)? If so, then reboot it.
  2. To reboot the modem, unplug it from power, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Wait for the power light to go solid. Is the Internet light solid green? If yes, then you are good to go.
  3. If your Internet light does not come back on, please wait 30-60 minutes and reboot again. If it’s after 5pm, please contact support (509-688-2550).

Dial-Up Customers
You shouldn’t experience any disruption. If you get an authentication error while trying to connect, please wait 30-60 minutes and try again.

Wireless & E-Mail Only Customers
You will not experience anything – this upgrade only affects customers who are authenticating with us. Both wireless and e-mail are authenticated outside of these systems.

Next week, we’ll have a review on the new online billing system (really the only thing you should see that is different).

Upgrades are Coming

Over the next couple weeks, WebBand will be upgrading some back-end infrastructure specifically, billing and provisioning software for your internet service). While this won’t affect your service, it may affect how your service is provisioned.

So what does that mean in English?

If all goes as planned, you shouldn’t experience anything at all. For dial-up customers, connecting should continue without any changes. For DSL customers, there might be a reboot of the modem involved (we’ll know more as testing begins soon). For those of you with E-Mail only, nothing will be affected.

Where you will see change is in your bill. The structure of the statement will be different and we’ll have more information online soon about that. We may also need to refresh billing types. So if you pay with a credit card, we may need to get that number again.

We are planning to make these upgrades during the first week of November, but don’t have an exact date scheduled yet. We’ll send out another note a few days before so you’ll be aware of the upgrade. Until then and during the upgrade, keep an eye on our website blog as we will post updates (if needed) on that page.

Thanks for your support of WebBand!

Friday July 3rd

fouthOur business office will be closed on Friday July 3rd to celebrate Independence Day. Support will be available throughout the holiday weekend, but wait times may be a bit longer than normal.

If you need to pay a bill, please contact us before Friday or on Monday July 6th.

Happy Fourth of July!